Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sarie & mo, hard hitting political analysts

mo: had to call this guy and his voicemail had john mccain as the message i thought for a second i had john mccain's cell phone number

sare: the maybe president john mccain?

mo: yeah - i would have pranked the shit out if

sare: what did it say?

mo: this is john mccain, Darren Stevens (name changed to protect the big time executive who gave enough money to john mccain to get him to leave a message on his vmail) can't come to the phone because he's working hard for his clients and for me!
or something
good times

sare: if i pranked, i would say "hey John Mccain. This is your doctor. Did you poop out your butt today? if not, please call me."

mo: "hey john mccain! i like ice cream and cars. what are your dreams?"

sare: and then I'd pretend I was Hilary and invite him to a 5-way with the black-eyed peas.

mo: i'd call and say, "this is tom brady! i'm a true patriot. sucker."
but then, i'd call back and say "not really! you were a pow in NAM! that is so bad ass
you can be my president if you maybe let me have an abortion that i really would never have."

sare: "seriously. I am looking over some tests we did, and you need too poop out of your butt a lot. Please call me to talk about it."

mo: "john mccain! john mccain! your name rhymes with purple raiiin!"

sare: "Mr. Mccain, this is Peep Video calling. You've accrued a late fee on Poking Hontas and Beauty and the Preist. Please call me."
"Are you insane in tthe membrane? "

mo: "john mccain, this is the big one. the JC? you know! Jesus! good luck on the race! I love the nightlife."

sare: "hi this is lorne michaels. We loved having you host our show, and we'd love to take you on as a regular cast member. Also, your doctor called here looking for you. Please tell him to stop leaving such long messages. also, PSYCH about the cast member part. GOP SUX. I'm serious about your doctor, though."


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