Thursday, April 09, 2009

sare and mo reconnect

mo: i see your face
sare: helloes my love!
sare: 2 1/2 hours at el stinko gymmo
mo: HELLO! ding dong
mo: can we move to ireland?
sare: UM YES
mo: good thanks. so you wanna come to lunch some day?
sare: surely! thursday?
mo: sounds great!!
sare: heeraaay ! drop me an email at some point with the directions and when you want me there
mo: please! to do that!: yes what? i don't know but you'll get pants when you arrive
sare: pants!
mo: jean pants!
sare: denim trousers
mo: not gouchos
sare: not coulouttes
sare: cowlouttes
mo: i'm gearing up for leaving i love leaving
sare: yeeeeeees
mo i am so glad you don't work at the job but i miss you
sare: i dont miss the job but i miss the connection to you there
sare: what is?
mo: you have to coach during the best night of tv (biggest loser)
sare: i knoooooooooooooooooow
mo: i'll take picture of the tv
sare: haha i am giong to hurry home
mo: luckily it's two hours. so what i want to see more of? is their actual working out
sare: right?: less of thouse four hour boring challenges
mo yeah - last challenge? eh whatever. show me how hard it is to do a sit up please
sare: it might be nice for the show to actually like show people how to work out a little. right like be edutaining
mo we should do our own dam reality show
sare: me too!
mo: it would be kill secretary kill the skinny makin
mo we'd wear blastic (black plastic bags) to excercise in
sare: like martin lawrnce and run around in our tightie whities
mo: i thought you were saying that martin lawrence was a black plastic (bag)


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