Friday, June 08, 2007

improv, a journey with sarie & mo

sare: why would you do that?
I'd even prefer setting up a father-son fishing trip by saying "A father-son fishing trip!" before starting the scene.
sare: this is the scene:
a father and son fishing scene
we sit here for a few minutes and I hint at being gay
by the way, I'm gay

mo: in this scene my partner nad i will taking on the challenges of being a father and son

sare: we talk 'round it and its funny
next scene!
DONE, in the bank

mo: while we're being challeneged. we will be using our poles as penis

sare: for comedic effect I will be falling down

mo: there might be a hint of accent, but if not, do not judge harshly

sare: we are in new hampshire!

mo: see the sun behind us?
that's cincinnati yellow

sare: also, I am wearing a pink scarf with my fishing clothing
to indicate that I am gay, as i said before

mo: did i mention i am gay and am only now revealing it through the fishing metaphore to my son

sare: also, we are a middle class family.

mo: a wasp except for the money

sare: We see a tree here, a bog with flies and the leavings of a barswallow on the edge of the boat

mo: there's a reflection of a naked man standing in heaven

sare: ok, now to begin our scene I will say my first line
"hi dad."
"this is the best fishing trip ever."

mo: i'm the son.
i'm red headed
"hi dad"
"this is the best fishing trip ever"

sare: Sorry, I am the dad.
"I'm glad you cuold be here."

mo: thank you for being gay for once

sare: ok

mo: "dad! even though you and mom are divorced, i still love you"

sare: "oh good, thank you. We love you too."
"And each other"

mo: wait

sare: what?
excuse us folks

mo: i thought we were trying to establish your gay

sare: yeah
i am playing against it for comedic effect

mo: i quit

sare: preparing for the big reveal
i can do the rest of the scene myself

mo: ok
i'm going to get a beer at trip
see you later, dude

sare: ok
i'll see you there

mo: by two people who paid for this show

sare: we'll get back the show in a second you guys
thanks for coming


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